Award winning filmmaker Debra A. Wilson highlights Black lesbian and gay couples who share personal and heartfelt stories. Their commitment redefines and honors love, family values, politics and religion in today’s society.

Written by: Donna M. Rowell and Debra A. Wilson

Co-Producers: Tracie Lewis and Jasmyne Cannick

Executive Producer: Debra A. Wilson

Producer: Donna M. Rowell

Director: Debra A. Wilson

Editor: John Vi:ncent Barrett

Director of Photography: Scott Bayer

Still Images: Peggy Moore

Music Supervisor: Mark Elliott and New Breed Entertainment
As a balance to the raw emotion of the interviews, the film features bestselling author Dr. Michael Eric Dyson offering historical perspective and political context for black same-sex relationships.

Valerie Joi Fiddmont
Rev. Deborah L Johnson
Darrick Lackey
Zakee McGill
Alden Reimonenq
Donna Terry
Hazel Wesson

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